Achyuthuni Sri Harsha

Who am I

I am currently working as a Senior analyst at Tesco Bengaluru. In the space-range and merchandising domain, I am trying to solve business problems using statistical concepts and data science.

Currently, I am pursuing Business Analytics from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. BAI is an executive on-campus one-year program with a focus on statistics, business and technology. As a capstone project, my team is building R&R contests for one of India's largest life insurance company.

Previously I worked as a decision scientist at Mu-Sigma and have pursued my bachelors at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham in Mechanical engineering. I have experience working with industry giants and Fortune 500 companies in retail, pharma, insurance and IT industries.

Why this blog

Sometimes, unless I do something, I don't completely understand it. After learning something new, especially in the space of data science, I try to solve a simple problem using what I just learned. This blog is a cumulation of all my notes from such learnings.

What else

I try to use problems and issues from my everyday life and try to solve them using statistical/data science lens. I have been attempting to publish some of these everyday problems which can be solved using data science as papers and conference articles, some of which are:

  1. Personal analytics: Time management using Google maps (presented in ICSADADS-2020)
  2. Personal analytics: Selection of a phone using AHP

Other publications include:

How to reach me

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