Because of the variety of topics, in frequency and the unstructured nature of posts, some readers have asked for a structure and connection between blog posts.

This blog post tries to explain the same.

By the way, welcome to my blog!

NX Journaling basics

Extracting data from Mechanical models

  1. Selecting a part in NX Journaling
  2. Getting dimensions for the selected part
  3. Exporting dimensions to excel

Web development

Donut chart using HTML and CSS only

The code of this blog (Will be updated)

Papers and publications

Parametric Study of Cantilever Plates Exposed to Supersonic and Hypersonic Flows (published in IoP Material Science)

Jadugoda: a case study (Not published)

Just shower thoughts

Boy-girl paradox

We should waste food

Looking back at 2017

Piezoelectricity from stairs is madness


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